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Nautica Nidra is here to provide the seeker with the tools to transform. Offering Yoga Nidra, Yoga, and Yoga Sailing Retreats to beautiful waters around the world...


Yoga Nidra is the ancient meditation technique that goes beyond wakefulness and dreaming...It is an awakening of the deep, deep stillness of what is within you....Taking a trip into this deep state is where transformation can occur, higher centers of consciousness are accessed and intentions are realized. With this guided experience, the opportunity to clear, heal, and regenerate is actualized. The love and light within is restored!


Nautica Nidra


Nautica means “of the sea” and Nancy’s journey toward spiritual truth has been long and colored by many experiences. Introduced to yoga at 9 years old, she knew long before any formal training, that the body and the mind must work in synch. The realization that we are not separate comes from the practice of yoga, which means, ‘union’… of body, mind and soul. In her varied life’s work, Nancy has found a way to integrate her knowledge and skill to provide others with this practice and shares it with passion. Her intention is to live from her highest self, aligned with the divine source, and to share and give the gifts she has received... and the wave returns to the sea…


Offerings include:

Private Amrit Yoga, Amrit Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga class.


Seasonal Sailing Retreats     ~Summer Sailing Retreat is now filling for the second half of June, 2016~